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Replacement Propellers for Honda Outboard Engines

Choose From 3 or 4 blade props. We offer both aluminum and stainless steel boat propellers. All props are from the leading manufacturers of quality boat propellers. Simply click on any of the links below to ensure you get the best prop for your boat/engine combination.

Michigan Match Propellers for Honda Outboards

Michigan Wheel Boat Props are crafted from only the finest grade alloys. The unmatched performance and the wide variety of styles and types in Michigan Propellers offers boaters a single source for propellers that are custom made for every kind of boat.

Select from a full line of stainless steel and aluminum boat props.


3 Blade Aluminum

$52.48 thru $122.76


3 Blade Stainless Steel

$231.25 thru $335.96

Ballistic 3XL

3 Blade Stainless Steel

$297.00 thru $335.96


3 and 4 Blade Aluminum

$76.99 thru $134.99

Apollo XHS

3 and 4 Blade Stainless Steel

$194.99 thru $304.99

Quicksilver Propellers for Honda Outboards

The Quicksilver hub kit makes it possible to use Quicksilver boat props on nearly all marine engines. Quicksilver propellers are made to fit virtually all outboard and Sterndrive units. The system is designed to resist slippage, but will flex during engine shifting. It also cushions the drive train in the event of an impact.

Black Diamond

3 Blade Aluminum

$60.00 thru $140.75


3 Blade Stainless Steel

$333.50 thru $350.00


3 Blade Stainless Steel

$292.25 thru $350.00

Solas Alcup Propellers for Honda Outboards

The universal propeller blade design and interchangeable bushing can lower the stock and maintenance cost.
No more rubber slipping problem!
DIY Rebushing.
Computer designed progressive pitch blade geometry.
Larger exhaust increases engine horse power by 5%-10%.
Aluminum and Stainless Steel Boat Props Available.


3 Blade Aluminum

$44.93 thru $81.18

Power Tech Stainless Steel Props for Honda Outboards

PowerTech! Stainless Steel Propellers are cast in one integral piece in a ceramic mold. This process is used by all motor manufacturers as well as a few leading propeller manufacturers. The extra expense is well worth the outlay compared to the cheaper "weld-on blade" process.

In the weld-on blade process, blades are manually placed against the round cylinder barrel and welded in place. Errors in blade placement and welding "heat draws" can result in inconsistent pitch, rake and dynamic balance. Additionally, a welded joint is more prone to breaking under peak loads.

3 Blade Stainless Steel

3 Blade Stainless Steel

$222.90 thru $445.85

4 Blade Stainless Steel

4 Blade Stainless Steel

$371.50 thru $549.90

Turning Point Boat Props for Honda Outboards

Turning Point Propellers, Inc manufactures high performance aluminum and stainless steel propellers. We were the first to introduce the interchangeable hub system to market. This MasterGuard® Hub System helps protect engines/drives from shift shock, impact shock, and harsh vibrations. It is also the most durable hub system available.

3 Blade Stainless Steel

$397.00 thru $543.00

3 Blade Aluminum

$75.00 thru $150.00